Twin Cheeks

Philosophical ideas through rear views.

I like to  use unexpected surfaces and platforms, so I chose bottoms - a beautiful simple form,

Painted, customised and photographed thirty two posteriors  between 1986 - 94.

Endearingly, many offered to model !

Twin Cheeks was published as a small book by Aurum Press with foreword by Julian Clary and also as greetings cards by Paperlink.

A performance of Bottom Printing to poetry and Odes, was staged at the Freedom Cafe Theatre in Wardour Street.

Twin Cheeks  prints are available to order via Saatchi Online

Photographers: Eddie Ephraums, Terry Richards, Katherine FawsettThanks to Carol Whitworth, Julian Clary, Baxter and Models including Rosa Dias, Lawrence, Sara Blonstein and the lovely Warren.

Tilby Twin Cheeks yashmak
tilby twincheeks pudding
tilby dinosaur orange 1986
tilby twincheeks peach
tilby twincheeks glitter
tilby twincheeks baby
tilby twincheeks spiral
twin cheeks mouse
Twin Cheeks micky
tilby twin cheeks tomato
Tilby Twin cheeks Julian print
Tilby Twin Cheeks Heart
Tilby Twin Cheeks Blue Dinosaur
tilby twincheeks baby
Tilby TwinCheek statue
Tilby Twin Cheeks Blancmange
Tilby Twin Cheeks Landscape
Tilby Twin Cheeks Specs