The True Adventures of Christopher Columbus


A satirical comedy series, directed and written by Patrick Barlow and Philip Bonham-Carter, produced by George Faber, BBC Screen 2 .

A ten parter, starring Patrick Barlow, Tim Pigott-Smith, Miranda Richardson, Victor Banerjee, Richard Grifffiths and Freddie Jones.

Oceans, islands and ships squashed into Ealing Studios -  much to do in a small space with a tight budget,  we built generic trucked modules ( arches ) re-configured them and used painted effects, tromp l’oeil and forced perspective.

columbus doorway palace
tilby columbus pope set
tilby columbus palace corridors
tilby Columbus courtyard
Anne tilby columbus tim pigott smith
Anne tilby columbus throne room
Anne tilby columbus arches photo
columbus group ship
Anne tilby columbus ship studio
Anne tilby columbus deck studio
Anne tilby columbus cabin studio