All things skull & mischievous created from 1981

Skulls grin, skeletons are like stick drawings, bones are very beautiful, the framework,the cage, the empty vessel...

recurrent in my art and design work - in paintings, chandeliers, collage and costume.




Tilby_guns & new york cowboys 1984
tilby : new york cowboys 1986
tilby bones chandelier black 1984
tilby_thompson twins_ sugar daddy CU
tilby thompson twins sugar daddy 1988
Tilby : los cigarellos  cigarette butts 1983
tilby skull lantern
TILBY Alannah’s bridal dress with skulls 1988
Tilby_Alannah in skull wedding dress
tilby drawing: cowboy and guitar 1986
tilby_ tree of life
Tilby :John Lennon is Pope 1985
Tilby: Rio promo pastel 1985
Tilby RioPromo vis 2
tilby Rio Promo vis 3