Pret a Porter: Pret a Manger

1980 TILBY produced an edible fashion collection about the female diet obsession, working with perishable materials to push boundaries: clothes, wigs and hats were made from food.

I made a giant cannibalistic food sculptures ( bun mix is lightweight,  brandy snap is good to sculpt and shape )  were eaten by visitors to the event.

Various cake sculptures for fashion designers Swanky Modes, Zandra Rhodes, and events  Elvis Presley Fanclub and  Warner Bros Records.

TV interviews and features included ; Let Them Wear Cake!  Meringue, Strawberries and Cream creation  for The Russell Harty Show helped by Hot Gossip Girls, BBC 1981, Pebble Mill, BBC 1980,  “Incroyable Mais Vrai!” 1980, Canal Plus FR, ”Menschens Kinder!”1982 (ZDF), Japanese and USA programmes, plus ”Walters Weekly” Radio 4, “Pick of the Week”, articles in  Vogue Magazine,( UK, Italy and Australia ) “Avant Garde” Germany, Honey, Cosmopolitan,  Elle, I-D, Campaign and  paparazzi  papers.

I devised and presented activities for “The Generation Game” BBC -   Bangers and Mash wigSpaghetti wig, and Toast Dress, 1980 “The Big Breakfast” C4, “The Fun Factory” and other youth and kids TV shows.

Years later,  art directed Duetto Yoghurt commercials. Director:David Chung, Tony Kaye Films ( The rolling-pin hair rolls out and back.) and collaborated with  Loraine at Replica Food.


Anne Tilby pret fish 2
Anne tilby fish close up  1980
tilby pret fish profile 1980
Anne Tilby: eco-centric portrait
tilby : corn-queen&bubblegum 1980
Anne tilby: chips
Anne tilby potato : pret a manger/porter
Anne tilby toast dress 1979.
Anne Tilby  hostess toast dress 1979
Anne Tilby pret a porter/manger  pineapple
Anne Tilby – Pret a Porter/manger : pineapple
Anne tilby pret a porter/ manger – cherry pie 1979
Anne Tilby hairdresser cartoon 1978
Tilby: Prete a Porter /Manger cress transplantation kit  1
Tilby: Prete a Porter /Manger cress transplantation kit 2 1980
Tilby: cress transplantation 3  (1980)