A collection of twenty light-works  produced in the early 1980s using mixed media: found objects and junk.

Exhibition at the Slaughterhouse Gallery in Spitalfields, EC1, London. 1986

Bones and Pearl chandelier was the first one made 1985  when  I acquired several bags of  bones from the set of Indianna Jones and The Temple of Doom which was shooting on the nextdoor stage at Pinewood Studios.  Skulls I have used and collected for many years.  There is a bones chandelier in Saint Pietro in Rome.

For other chandeliers I have used colindars, graters, bike wheels, specs, washing machine drum, cutlery, crockery, shoes, a ship, a globe, a weather vane, biros and pencils,  clothes pegs, Piano Keys and Electric Guitar  ( commissioned for the Rock Garden Covent Garden ) - it flashed.

Nice centre page spread in the Sunday Times colour supplement, 1986, Time Out,  Elle Decoration and Vogue.


tilby bones chandelier
tilby saxaphone chandelier
tilby high heel cycle chandelier
tilby spectacles chandelier
Anne Tilby chandelier dress
tilby cd and cog lamp
tilby_lamp woman drawing
tilby trash bottle top chandelier
Anne Tilby spoon and fork chandelier copy