Sex Drive

A collection of satirical car-toons

The car-toons are drawn from  our obsession with cars, fantasy images, alter-egos, pretence,  petrol heads, the Clarkson groupees an Formula One locusts, supermarket Four by Fours and school run tanks.

After "I Can't believe its not Butter", the Cowpri appeared on Car's the Star BBC, then joined the other "art cars" at the CAR-NATION Street Festival Islington, 1999

( Upper Street was closed to cars for the weekend !)  Car-Nation was organised by the talented production manager and rigger  Neil Cooper who is  much missed.

The drivable stiletto was made for Julian Clary  dual-geared, made using a wheelchair motor on a steel chassy, for the Natural Born Mincer UK Tour.

A TilbyArt 1990s project about petrol-heads

tilby pregnant woman cartoon
tilby Julian Clary shoe
Tilby E type stiletto  media: silk screen 1989
Anne Tilby E type shoe car-toon2
Anne tilby sex drive jupe
Anne Tilby cartoon_wild cowpri grazing
anne tilby Cowpri  2001
Anne tilby love me love my car
Anne tilby multi storey minis 1995
Anne Tilby mini christmas
Anne tilby love me love my car 2B
Anne Tilby my little pony
anne tilby_another pregnant woman cartoon
Anne Tilby sex drive collection : lips