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In the 1970s I was inspired by Susie Orbach’s book  Fat Is A Feminist Issue and made food sculptures with created edible fashion, protesting against our diet obsessive culture.

I abandoned baking for building.

Recent years witness the effect of our overuse of antibiotics and I would like to promote raw, slow and foraged foods, in the pursuit of pro-biotics.

So I am starting sweet then going sour -

Curious Quince

She cast a quince to me,

a costly garnet I returned;
it was no equal return,
but by this love will last

A Chinese poem from the Book of Songs dating back to 1000 BC

Our quince tree bears marvelous fruit every Autumn.

More beautiful and characterful than a pear  -  reminiscent  of antique waxen fruit or hyper real still life Flemish paintings of the 16th century !   a rich golden yellow with a fine fur and  overpowering  fragrance.

The way to treat your Quince:

To cut a quince with a knife is like cutting into wood!  To bite -  they are dry, hard and bitter  so core, chop and cook them to a pulp, pile in loads of sugar, add lemon zest and juice of lemons.

Boil then simmer.  The mush will turn to a sunset red .

Drip through a cheese cloth  or muslin to make a translucent  jewel of a  jelly  ( don’t force the pulp or it will be cloudy)

space jelly

space jelly 

Also use the pulp  for  QUINCE CHEESE :

Melt the water and sugar first, boiling until the fluid is clear, then add the mashed pulp of quince. Simmer slowly until thick.

Pour into forms or trays to set and become solid.  You can add gelatine.  Stored in clean airtight jars or container, it seems to preserve well for a year.

Use as a paste or “cheese” with Manchego Spanish cheese or another  hard cheese … or simply on hot buttered toast!

Curious Quince Jelly

The red syrup juice makes an exotic cocktail with Champagne or Prosecco.

Consume with friends while strutting round in Tudor Bloomers with tights or pearls.

Most curiously delicious!

Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.